Terms And Conditions

PS2G empowers you to
organize fundraising pickup games for charities that are restoring dignity
through soccer.  We share the stories of the lives we are improving
through impactful films. These films will also help raise awareness of the
social good happening in the soccer world and we hope they will inspire you to
lead your players. PS2G is a grassroots
movement! As leaders, we become the engine of this movement. More Games=More
Players=More Awareness and Change. PS2G is a non-profit,
which means nobody owns it. We ALL own it. It’s about using our passion to make
a difference. 
What makes you the perfect PS2G Game Leader?
  • You love playing soccer
  • You want to positively impact lives
  • You can spare a couple of hours a week, most of which, you will be playing soccer. Not bad.
  • Follow the Game Leaders Speech Guidelines that you received from PS2G. If you have not received it, please request it from danny@playsoccer2give.com
  • Have your contact information shared with other Game Leaders
  • Lead or Co-Lead a weekly game on the PS2G meetup page.
  • Be available to answer texts, calls or emails from players and other game leaders
  • Start and end games on time.
  • Make decisions on the field if there are disagreements.
  • Abide by the Codes of Conduct above.
  • Abide by the Safety Guidelines above.
 Game Leaders are the image of PS2G and at the center of PS2G is a heart. WE REALLY LOVE THIS GAME!!! and believe in the power it has to improve lives. Game Leaders are an important and valued part of PlaySoccer2Give.  We hope that you enjoy volunteering with us and feel a full part of our team. This agreement tells you what you can expect from us and what we can expect from you.  We aim to be flexible, so please let us know if you would like to make any changes, and we will do our best to accommodate them. By taking part in group activities you hereby are agreeing to the rules and regulation of the meetup. In addition, you acknowledge you are volunteering to play and lead at your own self will and at your own risk. You understand that neither the PS2G board of directors or any game leaders/organizers are responsible for any injuries or mishaps while partaking in the games. We encourage love of the game and for each other. We encourage friendly competition. Organizers reserve the right to remove players from the game if they refuse to be friendly. Game leaders are not compensated and are volunteering their time for the greater good.
We, PlaySoccer2Give will do our best to:
·         Introduce you to how the organisation works and your role in it
 ·         Provide you with a role description and a full explanation of your duties/responsibilities, including the days/times when we would like you to volunteer within the organisation
·         Organise regular game leader meetings so that you can tell us if you are happy with the games and get feedback from us.  
·         Provide you with any equipment necessary to lead the games properly
·         Respect your skills, dignity and individual wishes and do our best to meet them
·         Consult with you and keep you informed of possible changes that will affect you
 All Game Leaders within PlaySoccer2Give are volunteers and are not compensated. Game Leaders will benefit in the following ways:
-               Play for free in any PS2G game as long as they are organizing a weekly game.
-               Bring one guest to play for free in the games they lead.
-               Growth in Leadership and Social Skills.
-               Growth in Emotional Intelligence
-               The Joy of supporting a good cause and leading a community.
-               Joining a community of cooperative Game Leaders that make up the fabric of PS2G.                
We rely on feedback from Game Leaders to improve our operations. You are encouraged to lead with high standards and adopt recognised best practice where possible.  Game Leaders should be aware of and adopt PS2G’s own safety guidelines and codes of conduct.
Safety Guidelines
·         Absolutely no cleats allowed on turf fields. No exceptions.
·         No loose jewelry such as loop earrings or visible necklaces.
·         Glasses are not allowed unless they are designed for sports.
·         Before the game, inspect the field for any garbage or objects that can be a hazard and remove.
·         Before the game, inspect the goals, ball and field to ensure they will not cause injury.
·         No slide tackling during games
·         No aggressive play. Some referees are lenient but our style of play is less aggressive.
Codes of Conduct
·         Compliment and encourage all participants— you are a leader and a source of player confidence
·         Be consistent, objective and courteous when making decisions.
·         Promote love/passion, respect/honor, generosity and camaraderie - for all players.
·         Place the safety and welfare of the participants above all else.
·         Ensure that equipment and facilities are safe to use.
·         Promote a culturally appropriate environment.
·         Refrain from displaying an aggressive attitude or foul language.
·         Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants - regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.
·         Handling Player to Player Aggression or Verbal Abuse:
                1st strike: Remind all players of Charitable Game and encourage honor and respect
2nd strike: Speak directly to most aggressive player and ask them if they are ok? (Do so with a calm, compassionate and assertive attitude)
3rd strike: Stop the game, grab the ball and kindly ask the player to step off the field. Do not start the game until player steps off.
As a PS2G game leader,  you agree to the following.
By agreeing, you are familiar with the above standards of practice and agree to follow them to the best of your ability.  In addition to this, you agree to give as much notice as possible whenever you are unable to lead a game and first try to find a replacement on the groupme. You accept the responsibilities outlined above.